Check Eligibility for Home to School Transport



Eligibility for transport assistance for children of compulsory school age is set out in the Department of Education Circular 1996/41, (updated September 2009).

The statutory qualifying distance is

  • 2 miles in relation to a pupil under 11 years of age and
  • 3 miles in relation to a pupil over 11 years of age.

Parents must apply to all schools of the same category within the statutory qualifying distance from the home address to be eligible for transport assistance to a further away school.

YOU WILL NEED TO TAKE ACCOUNT OF THIS WHEN DECIDING ON YOUR ORDER OF PREFERENCES. For full details on School Transport Assistance please go to

To help you decide on your preferences the Eligibility Checker will advise you:-

  1. If your child will/will not be eligible for transport assistance to a chosen school;
  2. Of any closer school(s) within your chosen category and the distance from your home address to those schools.

Complete the Following Details

School Details

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The Transport Eligibility Checker calculates a result based on the current school data. Select one up to a maximum of 3 schools.

Pupil's Details

Your child’s gender is required in order to correctly identify your child’s closest school(s).

Pupil's Address

The Authority uses a Geographical Information System (GIS) to electronically calculate a definitive measurement from your home to the school using the shortest available walkable route.

Please insert your postcode and house number below.

Transport eligibility will be checked for this confirmed location.

The pin () shows the location of the pupil’s home.
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Note, this new location will be verified by the Education Authority
Once you have finished, press ‘Yes’

  • The Transport Eligibility Checker has been developed by the Education Authority for the purposes of assessing home to school transport eligibility only. A formal on-line application for transport assistance will still need to be completed when your child receives their final school placement confirmation.
  • The submission of this form is deemed to be permission by you to process this data on behalf of your child in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) which is necessary for the purpose of determining transport eligibility.
  • The calculated result provided is based on the distance from the home address you have provided to the selected school at the time of submission and can be subject to change.
  • The walking network is updated regularly therefore continually improving the accuracy on assessments provided.
  • Every property in Northern Ireland has a unique reference point which is used in conjunction with the network to measure the qualifying distance from the door of the home to the nearest available door of the school.